Learning - 1880s style!

On Friday 24 August Year 2 went to Rouse Hill Schoolhouse for a day of learning in an 1880s classroom. The children experienced what it was like pre-Internet and pre-digital technology with lessons such as writing on slate and doing their 2 times tables using an abacus enabling them to make vivid comparisons between schooling then and now.

Integrating outcomes from History, PDHPE and Creative Arts, the day gave students the opportunity to learn first hand about what school life was like in the late 1800s. Throughout this immersive and engaging day, students took part in a recreation of late 19th-century classroom activities, led by highly-trained staff, who are also in costume and in character as 1880s school teachers.

Students dressed in period costume – straw hats, plus cotton pinafores for the girls and sailor collars or coats for the boys – and then met their schoolmistress or master to begin the school day.

Before entering class, Year 2 had to salute the British flag, then girls entered first - as was the polite thing to do. Once in class the learning day began with the national anthem ‘God Save the Queen’.

A nature lesson included drawing different preserved animals that were being used as still-life and the most exciting part was learning about cane. Children also participated in some sewing classes as well as outdoor activities including maypole dancing.

What a fantastic way for students to learn about Australian history by really immersing in it and having it brought to life.

2018 Rouse Hill