Author and illustrator visit

It was a great joy to have renowned author and illustrator Stephen Michael King visit Our Lady of Lourdes school during Book Week. He spoke to the children about what inspires him the write and illustrate books for children. It was a fantastic experience to watch him creating amazing images before our eyes.

Stephen Michael King is an award-winning, internationally bestselling illustrator who has illustrated over eighty books.

Books he has both written and illustrated include The Man Who Loved Boxes, Rodney Loses It, Henry and Amy, Emily Loves to Bounce, and most recently Mutt Dog. Several of his books have been shortlisted by the CBCA, and they frequently appear on children's own voting lists like YABBA. Stephen has previously illustrated The Magic Violin, Follow That Lion!, Duck Sounds and The Gorilla Suit for the Aussie Nibbles range, and more recently illustrated the classic Robin Klein story: The Princess Who Hated It, for the Aussie Nibbles series.

2018 Stephen Michael King 1

2018 Stephen Michael King 2

2018 Stephen Michael King 3

Below are some of the comments from the teachers and children about the visit.

The Stephen Michael King’s visit was very educational and enjoyable. I loved hearing about all his inspirations for his books and watching him work his magic while he drew. The fact that Stephen Michael King really loves what he does just made the visit that much better. I hope to see him again the future. - Tilly
Dear Mrs Bryant, Thank you so much for organising the author / illustrator visit. I loved it because Stephen showed us some of his most significant books and some amazing drawings of his. I loved it and I am sure everyone else loved it too. - Elliot.
The visit of Stephen Michael King was an amazing experience. I had a lot of fun getting to know how he got into writing books for little kids, and seeing how he draws so well. This is how I got to know a little about Stephen Michael King and his history with books. - Stella
I enjoyed it because he told how he made his pictures so significant. Apparently he just scribbles and it becomes a random picture that always comes out perfectly, thanks to his light box. He puts the scribbles on the light box and then a piece of paper on the top, He starts the process again until he has finished a book. - Matthew
Stephen Michael King revealed a brilliant showcase of exceptional skill and talent which will be forever cherished by the students and teachers of OLOL. - Ms Luttringer


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