Project Based Learning in Religious Education

This term, Year 6 has been studying the Religious Education unit, ‘The Eucharist Nourishes us for the Journey’. In this unit, the students examine the celebration of the Eucharist as both a memorial sacrifice and memorial meal. They focus on how Christ nourishes us through the celebration of the Eucharist, through the gift of himself being present in the assembly, celebrant, Word and Holy Communion.

As an introduction to Project Based Learning (PBL), the students will be creating new Mass Booklets for the children in the school. To commence this project, Year 6 have selected their groups, written their group contracts and designed group symbols.

To create their Mass Books and prepare the books for publication, the students are participating in workshops, conferencing with teachers, observing the rubric and monitoring their progress by referring to the timeline (calendar). The finished product will identify the elements of the Mass, prayers, and responses.



Meanwhile Year 5 have been learning to recognise some of the similarities and differences between Christian churches.

They have learnt that the Ecumenism means working towards unity among the Christian churches.

Ecumenism comes from the Greek word, Oikoumene. Oikou means ‘household’, mine means the one whole. Therefore, this means ’the one household of God’.