The stuff of fairy tales

Students from OLOL Baulkham Hills

As Term Two drew to a close, the Kindergarten students at Our Lady of Lourdes Primary, Baulkham Hills participated in an exciting Fairy Tale Day.

Throughout the term, the students read and learnt about the content and structure of fairy tales. Fairy Tale Day was the culmination of their learning about this narrative style, and students were given the chance to dress up as their favourite fairy tale character as part of the day.

Before the morning bell, the playground was littered with princesses, Prince Charmings, elves, fairies, and an assortment of imaginary beings.

The excitement was electric as they began the day with a creative workshop from The Drama Toolbox designed to explore how narratives are structured and encourage personal creative expression through movement, sound, and visual cues.

Students working on craft

The students ran, danced and imagined themselves to be immersed in a world where dwarves, witches, dragons, mice, cats, wolves, wizards and pigs interact. The teachers enjoyed seeing the students embrace the freedom to express themselves.

Following the workshop, the remainder of the day was spent with groups rotating through a range of fairy tale activities.

The students had so much fun it was difficult to tell which of the activities was their favourite. The activities included: gingerbread decorating, fairy tale yoga, crown making, castle building, finger puppet making and the three little pigs houses.

Students dressed up in fairy tail costumes

At the end of the day the parents were welcomed to join in the festivities and watch the Fairy Tale Parade. At the Grand Ball, the parents watched their children perform a partner dance they had learnt.

Fairy Tale Day provided the students the opportunity to be creative, to learn and explore, and to experience the pure joy of exercising their imagination.